Discover a new lifestyle
with AI as your trusted companion

With AI,
humanity is now at a major turning point.

Yet, because of complicated
jargon and complex UI interfaces,
most people are not able to fully utilize the power of AI.

To bridge the gap,
we have created an interactive interface
that brings together humans and AI.

Even without special knowledge,
with our technology,
anyone can easily utilize a variety of AI.

We at Holocy are committed to realizing
a world where anyone can use AI.

Although there’s still some time before the release,
we hope you are looking forward to it!

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Interactive AI Interface


Holocy, the interactive AI interface, is a companion who assists you with her vast knowledge helpful to your daily life.
Not only can she engage in daily conversations and give advice, but she can also plan a trip or even give quizzes!

Features of

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Converse using text or voice

Of course she can use text to converse just like a friend would. But she can also user her voice to speak directly to you as well.

Show expressions that change depending on the topic (patent pending)

Holocy can show emotions and expressions that vary with the topic! Try talking with her to draw out her expressions!

Try Asking About

Holocy has a wide range of knowledge.
Try talking with Holocy about a variety of topics just like you would with a friend!

*Please note that Holocy’s responses are generated based on information from ChatGPT up until September 2021.
Therefore, we are not responsible for the content of the answers.

Recipe Ideas

If you tell Holocy what you have in your fridge, she can give you a delicious recipe using those ingredients!

Diet Plans

Holocy can be your personal trainer and create a diet plan that matches your lifestyle and personality

Trip Plans

If you tell Holocy where you want to go, she can tell you famous tourist spots for you to visit

Holocy Profile

A girl with a bright and friendly personality.
She is very interested in human culture and life, and just wants to know about it.
She wants to be exposed to many things and absorb all kinds of knowledge.

AgeNewly born (but looks about 13 years old)
HobbiesSleeping and playing games
Special SkillsSpeed reading, having a good memory, and acquiring knowledge on new technology
Future aspirationsTo be fluent in all languages and cultures and to be able to communicate with people from all over the world

Corporate Info

Corporate Name Holocy Inc.
CEOYudai Hatasa
DirectorYusuke Harima
Date of Establishment2023/06/01
LocationGran Suidobashi 3F, 3-4-4 Kanda-misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0061, JAPAN
Capital¥ 9,920,000