An AI character application “” was released!

On 08/21/2023, Holocy Inc. released a new interactive interface application “” on AppStore and GooglePlay based on the concept of “Discovering a new lifestyle with AI as your trusted companion”

AppStore :
GooglePlay :

“” is an intuitive and easy-to-use AI app that works with ChatGPT and other generative AI, with a familiar user interface similar to currently popular chat apps and SNS. Assuming the Generation Z youth are its main users, this app is designed for them to enjoy communicating with AI in an easy-to-use and friendly manner.

Users can interact with AI through a character named “Holocy” and enjoy conversations with her. Holocy can express emotions in real-time based on the content of the conversation, enabling natural communication as if talking to a friend. This uses a unique patent-pending technology.

Furthermore, users can interact with Holocy through text or voice. Even if the user does not have a specific idea on how to interact with her, an abundance of templates are prepared to offer guidance.

We plan to expand our business in many areas, including SNS marketing. Through this app “,” we aim to realize our corporate concept. While it is mainly intended for use by Generation Z, we plan to release an interface (app) targeting a wide range of generations in the near future.